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Winter Dry Eye Syndrome… No Need to Suffer

While you may think of winter as the rainy time of year due to the precipitation, the atmosphere is really a lot dryer in the colder months, which often causes your eyes to become irritated more quickly.

Our Optometrist Plano TX is here to help you find the best ways to hydrate your eyes this winter. Even before you step outdoors you can help your eyes by using a humidifier. Fairview Eye doctors advocate the use of humidifiers in rooms with forced air heaters, which can take away moisture from the environment.

Additionally, be careful to take extra protective measures once you step outside and will be exposed to the elements. You can further shield your eyes from the wind and cold by putting on a brimmed hat and wearing sunglasses. The point is to keep the whipping winds away to stop them from drying out your eyes.

If your symptoms become unbearable you should think about rewetting drops which may help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eyes. Consult with your eye care professional before you start using eye drops to make sure they are suitable for your symptoms.

Don't forget that if you have contact lenses you need to be especially careful in the colder months. When possible, use rewetting drops often. Lenses are like sponges and need to remain lubricated to maintain their shape. Once they begin to dry out, the contacts can change form and cling to your eyes, causing discomfort and blurriness. So let your lenses drink up...  and make sure to keep them moisturized this winter. With a little awareness and preparation, you can stay clear of the dangers of winter and keep your eyes safe and cozy the whole season!

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Because of the COVID 19 Virus we will only be staying open to meet the needs of patients with eye problems and emergency exams.

We will be deferring routine exams and delaying contact lens exams until further notice. We will be supporting our patients who were unable to come for their contact lens exams, due to these new restrictions, by extending your current contact lens prescriptions, whenever possible. Please call to discuss this option with us.

When all is settled, we will be calling our postponed patients to get them back in for those exams.

Patients over the age of 60 or in a high risk category will not be seen so please call ahead and speak to us before you come by.

If you have an emergency or medical issue, call us! We’re here to help!

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