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Home » What's New » Toric Contact Lenses: A Great Way To Correct Astigmatism

Toric Contact Lenses: A Great Way To Correct Astigmatism

So many people with astigmatism are under the impression that they can't use contact lenses due to their condition. It may come as a surprise to know that there's actually a special type of contact lens that corrects astigmatism. An eye with astigmatism has a differently shaped cornea (it's shaped like a football, as opposed to a normal, spherical cornea), which means that light entering your eye through the cornea struggles to come to a single focal point on the retina, resulting in blurred vision.

The lenses prescribed to correct astigmatism are known as toric contact lenses. What separates these from regular contact lenses is the design. Normal lenses have one power, but toric lenses have two: one for distance vision and one for astigmatism. Because of their multiple powers, toric lenses need to remain in place on your eye. This is not the case with regular lenses, which can move around on your eye and not affect your sight. Contact lenses for astigmatism are actually ballasted on the bottom, and this helps them stay in place on your eye.

There are a number of scheduling options for toric contact lens users, including soft disposable contact lenses, daily disposable lenses, and frequent replacement lenses. And people with astigmatism have no shortage of options; toric lenses also come in color, or as multifocals. Hard contact lenses are made from a tougher material that keeps their form even when you blink, and sometimes provide better vision than other lenses. But they are usually less comfortable. .

Due to the fact that toric lenses are a little more complex, you should factor in some extra time for your fitting. But it's worth it. With constant growth in the field of optometry, those with astigmatism have lots of life-improving options to choose from.