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Sunblock in the Eyes- OUCH!

Individuals who have regrettably gotten sunscreen in their eyes know firsthand how excruciating it can be. A very strong spray in the eye can often cause burning that lasts for hours. It can take a long time until the victim can open his eyes, especially outside in the bright sun.

Needless to say rubbing sunblock in your eyes can ruin a day by the pool in an instant. While it is likely that effects will remain for a while, relief will come more quickly with proper care.

The most effective way to treat the condition is to immediately flush the eye out with a stream of water for some time. Doing so will flush the sunscreen out of the eye but it probably won't ease the irritation immediately. While it won't help to remove the sunscreen, applying cool, wet cloths to the eyes may have a soothing effect. Eye drops such as ClearEyes may assist in flushing out the eye, but they will cause burning.

Don't forget, although the summer is almost over, it is advised to wear sunscreen throughout the year to defend your skin from dangerous ultraviolet light.

Tips for Applying Sunblock Safely

  1. Never spray sunblock directly on the face.
  2. Never let little children apply lotion alone.
  3. Keep lotion out of reach of children.
  4. Don't let small children rub in sunscreen. If they have it on their hands they may rub it in their eyes.
  5. Be very careful not to apply sunscreen too close to the eyes.
  6. Use large sunglasses to guard the eyes and the areas around them from UV rays.