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How Age Affects Your Eyesight – Presbyopia

Visit your Frisco, TX Optometrist to Learn More About Treatment Options

Presbyopia is a visual impairment that comes with age in which objects at a close range, such as newspapers, books or sewing, become blurred. With the increasing international population of older adults, a significant number of people are developing the condition, which is an unavoidable result of your aging eye.

The lenses of your eye curve to focus on objects at varying distances. Some theorize that as you get older, that flexibility diminishes since the natural lenses harden. This condition is known as presbyopia and is defined by difficulty reading or seeing things at close range. This usually begins to take place any time after someone turns forty. Those with the condition usually manage with the reduced vision by holding a newspaper far away or standing at a distance from the object they are looking at. Shifting from focusing on far off objects to closer ones is often strenuous for people with presbyopia. This tension might add to one's discomfort by causing headaches, eye strain or fatigue.

Most of the time bifocal lenses or progressives (PALs) are used to resolve this condition. Bifocal lenses are separated into two points of focus, the upper portion is for distance vision and the lower portion of the lens is for seeing objects that are close by. PALs are similar to bifocals, however the transitions between the two prescriptions are more gradual. Wearers will more easily adjust their focus, as they might if they had uninhibited vision. An alternative would be reading glasses which are usually worn just when needed as opposed to all day.

If contact lenses are preferred over eyeglasses, you might want to consider multifocal contact lenses. It may take a while to come up with the best use of contact lenses since different lenses can affect your comfort or distance vision.

Furthermore, there are options for other procedures including surgery that could be considered that you may want to discuss with your optometrist. Many people find the most success by combining treatments for presbyopia. Also, because presbyopia will continue to get worse with age, you will probably be required to continually adjust your correction. The positive news is, there continues to be a significant amount of research being done to identify more effective treatments for presbyopia.

Noticing signs of presbyopia? Book an appointment with your Frisco, TX eye doctor. A return to normal eyesight is worth it!