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Focusing on Smartphones

Have you ever thought about the toll your smartphone might be taking on your sight? We can't deny that these devices are wonderful, because they let us stay connected no matter where we are. However because handheld devices are made with small screens, most people often hold their smartphones much closer than they hold newspapers and books. Reading off handheld devices can often create a whole set of challenges for your eyes.

It's much harder for your eyes to focus on small images and text. It won't come as a shock to know that this might lead to issues, not least if you already use vision correction such as glasses or contact lenses. If you already wear glasses, holding your phone or tablet too close can make it a real challenge for your eyes to correct for distance. When your eyes are under unnecessary pressure, it generally leaves you with unpleasant headaches as a result of the eyestrain.

There are more symptoms that can be caused by holding your device too close to your eyes, including dry eyes or blurry vision, because excessive screen time reduces how much you blink.

But we can't all just stop using our phones. So what's the solution? In order to prevent eyestrain and blurred vision caused by our phones, we recommend keeping your phone at a safe distance from your eyes, and enlarge the text, so you can still read it. Also, try not to use your phone for too much time at once! If it's been a while, let your eyes have a rest. You've only got one pair of eyes. Care for them well.