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Focusing on Eyelid Hygiene

Do you ever experience inflamed eyelids, otherwise known as blepharitis? Blepharitis is a commonly occurring eyelid inflammation, usually associated with an already existing bacterial eye infection, some sorts of skin conditions, like acne, or dry eye symptoms.

Usually, symptoms include redness, itching, burning, a gritty sensation in your eye, tearing and some crustiness in or around the eye. The condition can actually be problematic to treat, as it's usually chronic.

You'll be glad to hear that there are a number of ways to handle blepharitis and guarantee that your eyes stay clean and healthy. Try applying a warm washcloth to the outside of your eye to facilitate loosening the crust that may have formed on your eyelids and eyelashes before you clean them. The heat from the washcloth will also help loosen any remaining residue in the oil-secreting glands in your eyelids. Initially you when you begin treatment, you will probably need to apply a warm compress several times every day for about 5 minutes every time. Later on, you can apply the compress for about five minutes each day.

Washing your eyelids well is central to treating blepharitis, so you should use a proper lid cleanser or whatever product your optometrist recommends. Try to lightly massage your outer eyelids and wash any residue away when you're done.

Although it may be uncomfortable, blepharitis isn't catching and generally, doesn't cause any permanent damage to your eyesight, so have a talk with your O. D. about the best way to keep your lids clean and healthy.

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Because of the COVID 19 Virus we will only be staying open to meet the needs of patients with eye problems and emergency exams.

We will be deferring routine exams and delaying contact lens exams until further notice. We will be supporting our patients who were unable to come for their contact lens exams, due to these new restrictions, by extending your current contact lens prescriptions, whenever possible. Please call to discuss this option with us.

When all is settled, we will be calling our postponed patients to get them back in for those exams.

Patients over the age of 60 or in a high risk category will not be seen so please call ahead and speak to us before you come by.

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