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Your Eye Exams in Fairview & Frisco

Because I grew up with a mom and dad who were eye doctorsgirl wearing sunglasses in Fairview & Frisco, I was able to share facts about eye doctors at school for show and tell, and for homework. When I told friends my mother and father were optometrists, the normal response was, "You live with optometrists?" I would nod my head. "That's right." People in need of vision care in Plano frequently ask why the eye doctor is so vital. "I do not really need to go the eye doctor regularly, right?", "My eyes are perfect.", "Will they need to touch my eyeballs?" or "My girls go crazy." All of these are genuine concerns and issues. So I will break everything down, explain the eye exam, and inform you what is important to know about eye doctors.
So what does an eye doctor do? Optometry centers around the medical science behind eye health and the eye examination. An eye doctor is an OD, or doctor of optometry or an eye expert. OD's are physicians who are trained as eye experts. The word optometry comes from the greek words optos and metria meaning,  "vision measurement." And vision measurement is one of the things that the eye doctor does. Many optometrists use sophisticated medical equipment to test for eye health and vision. Eye doctors, or optometrists, are health care professionals who are concerned with eyes and the anatomy related to the eyes, as well as vision, visual systems, and vision processing.
Why is going to an eye doctor so vital? Routine visits to have eye exams in Fairview & Frisco will find any vision problem in its early stages, and finding a problem early will certainly facilitate effective treatment. If you go to a professional optometrist, you will receive a comprehensive and expert eye exam each time.

What tests are done at an eye exam?

There is a lot that goes on in the eye exam procedure. To begin with, a professional will go over your case history. This is a good time to point out any medical problems you are presently experiencing as well. The examination starts with an external examination. Visual acuity, pupil function, and eye motion tests are done. The visual field test checks the level of a patient's peripheral vision. The pressure within the eye is determined as this can be a sign of the onset of glaucoma, a significant eye condition which can cause loss of sight. This is the point in the test where the eye physician will need to touch your eye. You will not feel it due to numbing eye drops, so there is no cause for concern during this test. Some practices use the current technology of the Optomap retinal scanner to carry out the retinal and macula exam. The slit lap evaluation helps physicians see the structures of the eye with clarity. Lastly, refraction screening helps the eye medical professional make prescriptions for correcting vision issues.
Getting your son's or daughter's eye evaluated is imperative for numerous things in young development. Early eye examinations are also crucial due to the fact that kids require the following standard visual abilities for learning: near vision, range vision, eye teaming (binocularity) skills, eye activity abilities, concentrating abilities, peripheral awareness, eye/hand coordination. Eye professionals recommend that a youngster's first eye exam be around 5 or 6 years of age; or prior to the start of kindergarten unless a particular concern develops. By that age kids are better behaved, and able to take direction and comprehend why they are being assessed. This decreases the probability of children having a tough exam experience.
If your still unsure about seeing an eye doctor, just ask a close friend or member of the family who may have the ability to guide you, or call your Williams Eye Care in Plano to talk with a doctor about your vision concerns.

Watch this short video about what to expect at a routine eye exam:

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Because of the COVID 19 Virus we will only be staying open to meet the needs of patients with eye problems and emergency exams.

We will be deferring routine exams and delaying contact lens exams until further notice. We will be supporting our patients who were unable to come for their contact lens exams, due to these new restrictions, by extending your current contact lens prescriptions, whenever possible. Please call to discuss this option with us.

When all is settled, we will be calling our postponed patients to get them back in for those exams.

Patients over the age of 60 or in a high risk category will not be seen so please call ahead and speak to us before you come by.

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