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About Contact Lenses

Which Contact Lens Type is Best for You?

The two main categories of contact lenses are hard and soft lenses. While soft lenses are more popular, hard contact lenses have distinct advantages for certain eye and vision conditions. At Williams Eye Care, we’ll explain the pros and cons of all types of contact lenses to you, and we’ll help identify which ones are ideal for helping you achieve crisp and comfortable vision. With offices located conveniently in Plano, Frisco and Fairview, Texas, we offer a full range of contact lenses to serve your unique visual needs.

Hard Lenses

Rigid, gas-permeable lenses (“hard”) are composed of plastics and other materials, such as fluoropolymers and silicone. These hard contacts will always hold their shape, yet oxygen is permitted to flow freely through the lenses to reach the cornea. If you have astigmatism, hard lenses may be your most suitable option. If you suffer from allergies or have a strong tendency for protein deposits to build up on your contacts, we may also recommend hard lenses for you.

Soft Lenses

Soft lenses have a reputation for being extremely comfortable. Depending upon your lifestyle, you may opt for daily-wear lenses, extended-wear lenses, or disposable lenses. In addition to your risk of infection, the financial expense varies with each of these types of contacts.

Your specific vision condition is an important criterion for determining the perfect contact lenses for your needs. If you have astigmatism and aren’t interested in hard lenses, soft toric contacts (usually a costlier option) may work. If you have presbyopia and require bifocals or multifocals to see clearly in all situations, then we’ll help fit you with bifocal or multifocal contact lenses.

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If you’re seeking a new look, colored lenses may appeal to you! Note that although colored lenses are available over-the-counter, prescription colored lenses are your only safe option. The other types are illegal and may cause infection or extreme injury to the health of your eyes.