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April is Sports Eye Safety Month

When the springtime arrives, as well as often warmer weather, comes an increase in the prevalence of sports related eye injuries. Each year, far too many children and adults incur eye injuries as a result of sport play that could be prevented with the right defense and information. Wearing proper eye protection while participating in sports is essential particularly in contact sports or those that bring you out into the sun such as basketball, softball, football, badminton, wrestling, water polo, or fishing.

Lower your chances of a sports related eye injury by using the correct protective eyewear best suited for the sport you are involved in. Protective eyewear will keep you injury-free and will often also have additional protection to block UV light for outdoor activities. This sort of eye wear is designed especially to prepare you for common incidents. Conventional glasses typically aren't adequate for preventing impact, meaning that even just a minor tumble can mean an actual risk to eyesight.

Sports vision is more than just using the correct protective eyewear. Eyesight is an important factor of your ability to perform, so you must have good eyesight. If you normally wear glasses, you might need protective sports glasses or goggles with a prescription, so you can see properly while you play safe. If you wear contact lenses, you may need a different lens than the ones you normally wear. Speak to your optometrist about the options at your disposal.

All sports have different demands and dangers, so allow your eye care professional to determine your unique needs and provide the correct glasses or contact lenses to maximize your vision. This will only help you get the edge that'll help you excel and enjoy sports safety.

Each sport has differing needs and risks, so it's important to allow your eye care professional to identify your specific needs and fit you with the correct eyeglasses or lenses that best fit your visual skills. This will only help you have the edge that'll help you succeed and have fun and be safe when you play sports.