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A Fresh Look Just For You

Do you want a new look for your eyes? Introducing FreshLook®. They offer a large palette of color contact lenses, so you can just boost or noticeably alter your natural eye color.

This great collection of contact lenses boasts such a large number of choices, that you'll be sure to get just what works for you. Whether your eyes are blue, brown, green or hazel, FreshLook® contacts are able to transform your natural eye color, leaving you with a brand new, captivating and natural look. Each product in the range comes in 2 week or daily disposable alternatives.

When selecting a color contact lens for yourself, consider your natural eye color, hair color, skin tone, and the sort of look you want to achieve. And if you'd like to experiment with the numerous options and see how these lenses will change your look, you can virtually ''try on'' a whole range of color contact lenses by visiting the FreshLook® website and simply uploading a picture of yourself, before your appointment with your optometrist.

Color contacts can be used as prescription lenses or just to boost your eye color, they need to be fitted by an optometrist, so stop by to see us, and discover your color contact lens options.

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Because of the COVID 19 Virus we will only be staying open to meet the needs of patients with eye problems and emergency exams.

We will be deferring routine exams and delaying contact lens exams until further notice. We will be supporting our patients who were unable to come for their contact lens exams, due to these new restrictions, by extending your current contact lens prescriptions, whenever possible. Please call to discuss this option with us.

When all is settled, we will be calling our postponed patients to get them back in for those exams.

Patients over the age of 60 or in a high risk category will not be seen so please call ahead and speak to us before you come by.

If you have an emergency or medical issue, call us! We’re here to help!

Thank you so much!!! 972-210-2100